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Garage sale was less than successful ...

March 7th, 2009 at 04:15 pm

Well, I guess it always could have been worse, but I didn't get rid of nearly as much stuff as I wanted to! I made $350 but my biggest objective in having this sale was to get rid of stuff so I don't have to move it next week. (In fact, I can't move it next week because I will have nowhere to put it in my apartment!) I can pack up all the books (a ton) and CDs (not so many) and take them to Half Price Books and be happy with whatever I get, but I have a LOT of other things too (mainly decorative items). So, the question is: what can I do to get rid of all my garage sale leftovers ... in the next week ... when I am supposed to work Monday through Thursday ... and I haven't started packing yet for the Saturday move???

6 Responses to “Garage sale was less than successful ...”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good idea on the books and cds! Craigslist ad? List the items as "must sell" this week. Otherwise, I think you need to donate the items to charity. Itemize everything and take a tax deduction next year for all the donations.

    You could also try furniture consignment or clothing consignment if you still have those types of items left.

  2. lizajane Says:

    I can't think of any place that would gain you any money for them, but you could always drop them off/donate them to Goodwill, Salvation Army, local thrift stores, etc.

  3. my english castle Says:

    You could list them on freecycle as "Free" and leave them out for the folks who want them. But with the tough times, I'd advocate for the Salvation Army or another charity shop. Sometimes, depending on your area, they'll pick them up!

  4. Amber Says:

    You can also donate books to your local library and you can use the donation as a tax credit. Freecycle is definitely a option

  5. HouseHopeful Says:

    If they're in good condition, Goodwill is a good option. Tax write off for you and a chance to fill some of the empty shelves at Goodwill.

  6. Aleta Says:

    If your items are in good condition, you can list them on half.com. You could always have another sale a couple of months from now. There are still people who are waiting for their tax refunds to come back and people are still paying off the holiday spending from their credit cards. People become more optimistic in the spring with the daylight savings time, longer days, and warmer weather

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